How to Get a Business Loan in 5 Steps

How to Get a Business Loan in 5 Steps

Do you have tried to get a small business loan from your bank or the Small Business Administration (SBA) and they turned you down? Probably you don’t have enough assets, credit, personal assets, liquid assets, the right type of business, etc. Where do you generally go when you require money to expand, advertise, or buy equipment or inventory?

What’s great about change is that it can close the doors you are used to, but it opens other doors of chance that can be even better than the old tried. If the credit market contracts, that doesn’t mean the cash is away. Though banks may not be the source they once were, several other lenders are stepping in to fill the gap, as they make money when they lend and they don’t have similar limitations that actually apply to traditional banks.

Here are the top 5 steps to consider when trying to obtain a business loan:

1# Keep Track of the Reasons Why You Have Been Rejected

Don’t be afraid to discuss the reasons why you have been turned down. This is really valuable as well as time-saving info. You should always ask your borrowers where they have applied before and what the certain reasons for the rejection were. In this way, you can quickly evaluate other strategies and ask the borrower questions that will guide you to the correct solution.

2# Be Willing to Brainstorm with Your Broker or Lender

Whether things are not what you thinking, ask what other options there might be. If they know of anyone else who might be able to help, don’t be afraid to ask.

3# Take Stock of Your Other Assets

There are lenders who lend against many different kinds of assets, such as business accounts, marketable securities, future cash flow, financial instruments, insurance settlements, real estate, and factoring accounts receivable. For some of these choices, your credit and business history will not be a reason for succeeding in a business loan. Read more!

4# Venture Capital

Venture Capital could be the ideal choice for you and your business, in particular if you expand or just startup. Sometimes angel investors are available for the precise start-up that they like, though Venture Capital partners are interested in conditions that share and mitigate risk with the correct business reward.

5# Reduce Costs Where It Makes Sense

You would really rather focus on having the cash on hand, but think about how much it would assist reduce costs simply by switching service providers or consolidating more services under one roof.

Whether you are already factoring, take a simple look at other service providers that may have better service and lower rates. When you have an import-export business, you have to compare currency exchange rates with some startups as well as know how much you can save there. Equipment leases are one more competitive area where you can save money.


In general, it is vital to be honest, creative, and flexible when looking for new avenues of business loans. Keep looking for new ways to the network so that others know about your business, your progression, your capital needs, and your contribution to other businesses and other people. Learning new ways to look for Small Business Loan can be rewarding in many more ways than simply the dollars it offers. You can know more at