Small business loans have proven to be the most difficult type of loans to acquire. Most lenders are scared to give out loans to small businesses for fear that it might collapse. Many loan requirements are alike for most lenders and banks the application process.

  • Lenders want to know that they can trust you with their money since they are at a high risk of loss if things go south.
  • Qualifying for a small business loan is easier when you are prepared. Even if you end up applying for an SBA loan through a bank or opt for loans from a traditional online lender, you should be familiar with their requirements.

Going in blindly is very bad as you might be surprised by their actual needs. Here are five things that are needed to help you qualify for a small business loan. To get a business loan with no credit click here.

· Personal and business credit score

Lenders request for personal credit scores because it evaluates your willingness to handle your personal credit obligations. Nevertheless, in addition to having a good personal credit score, building a strong business credit score is also paramount.

Your personal and business credit score is important in assuring the lenders that your business is credit worthy of the loan. Most lenders greatly consider your credit score in the decision making process of your loan application.


· Annual revenue

How much revenue do you need to secure a loan? And the answer you might expect is “it depends on the lender.” Your annual revenue is a reflection of the total income made by sales and services in a given business year before cost and expenditures are taken out. It gives the lender an idea of your ability to repay the loans. It also assists them in making financial projections for your business. If it meets their criteria, your application should be approved.

· Collateral

Collaterals are a form of security for lenders, since they are at higher risk. Traditional lenders, banks and credit unions use collaterals as a sort of backup plan in case there is any backtrack in your business finance.

Collateral is important especially in cases where you have little or no credit score. It is another form of reassurance for lenders. It also increases your chances of receiving the loan.

· Eligible industry

Industries defer in terms of business financing ease. Some industries are easier to fund than others. Most lenders prefer offering loans to only a specific number of loans. Small business owners should review the restricted list online before applying for loans.Learn more minimal qualification requirements for many business loans.

Lenders usually weigh their options before approving loans. They do so by checking the competitiveness of the industry and also if you are willing to be a competitor.

Small business owners should be aware that any financial documentation submitted for business loan purposes reflects their business in its entirety. That is why adhering to the requirements in this article is paramount. If you can make enquiries before writing a loan application, you can be sure to get your loan approved.